Okay, so we know putting on events often isn't as simple as our simple timeline below. There are a lot of steps (not to mention blood, sweat and tears) that go into planning and delivering an outstanding event. In reality the chart should look more scattergun than neat lines. 

But it's our job to make it easy for you to get the event you imagine - after all you have better things to do than chase for coffee or make sure flipcharts are in the room. Worry free events, where everyone has a great time and leaves smiling, is the best feeling for us and our clients. 

So here's our 4 step process to deliver your event from conception to completion, with reporting underpinning every step.

2. Promote
3. Execute
4. Report
1. Plan

Brief and insight gathering

We make recommendations based on interviews, processing feedback and lots of listening, ensuring your event interrogates the important issues

Agenda planning

Defining your agenda and bringing your event to life in engaging and fun ways

Venue finding

We'll find you a spot on venue (which means, date, location, vibe and price)


Marketing communications

Creation of your marketing collateral, from advertising to invites to confirmation letters

Promotional channels

Defining, deploying and optimizing the best channels to ensure people sign up and become part of your network

Attendee comms

Rouse attendees ahead of the event with engagement campaigns (and make sure they turn up)


Speaker management

Keeping your speakers aligned to ensure they deliver phenomenal content

Delegate materials


Bringing your brand to life in beautiful and engaging ways

Finding, negotiating and contracting the extra sparkle to your event

Venue operations

Covering all back end logistics, allowing you to focus on the event objectives


Weekly updates

Ongoing contact with stakeholders, keeping them and the project in perfect sync

Attendee feedback

Qualitive feedback in real time and an NPS, setting a benchmark for your future events

Post show report

Drilling into marketing campaigns metrics, budget debrief, ROI and future recommendations