On creating unique delegate materials

I’m always on the look out for unique pieces of writing and content to inspire my event collateral creation. I’ll start posting them on this blog, so stay tuned (and hopefully be inspired) The first one I wanted to share is a piece I wrote for a client event.


Every delegate was handed a show guide detailing the event information (agenda, speakers, venue info). I had a blank page so decided to include a light-hearted piece to set the tone – that this is a networking event that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Deconstructing this piece:

A terrific way to engage people is to start with their objections. It’s like you’re saying what they are thinking but are too nervous to say – a great way to bond. Referencing the view (the event was taking place on the 28th floor) made it relevant, and in keeping with the brand values of the client I injected some research nuggets (yes the sniffing hands part is true).

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